Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


I woke up early this morning to get my order of seafoods from a reputable source. I bought different kinds of shellfish; mussels and oysters for today’s meal. It’s good to cook them on the day I bought it. For breakfast, It’s good to have an Oyster Omelette. It will be a good opening for the day. Let me show you how to open it! 

1. Hold shell in palm or hand,with hinge against palm. Insert knife between halves.

2. Holding shell firmly, cut around opening. Twist knife up slightly to pry open shell.  Put top shell half up with thumb.

3. Cut both muscles free from 2 halves of shell. To serve oysters on the half shell, remove one half of the shell.

4. Remove top shell, loosen oyster with knife. Turn oyster over and return to washed and dried shell for serving.

Note:  As long as it is fresh, you can also  eat it raw or cooked. Discard any that are open and remain open when tapped. To remove the sand, Scrub them under a running water  and wash it properly to ensure the removal of any pollution.

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