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Using Food Left-overs

It’s a cleaning day, I want to empty our refrigerator and, I was shocked to see several amounts of food leftovers inside. I have gathered everything and placed them on the table. I think these  portions are already good enough for today’s meal. lots of alternatives dishes to think about  like; Yang Chow fried rice, Pancit canton, Creamy cabbage soup with chicken and Stir -fry vegetables.

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Today’s leftovers. I can use these portions for my Stir-fried vegetables. I’m a very resourceful person thinking of so many things to recycle. I don’t want to waste anything especially when it comes to food. Let me show you other portions.

This one is already ready to go. All set-up for Pancit Canton.I’m sure the natural flavor will come out,it was already stored for 2 days. This is the good thing about left-overs,the natural flavor and aroma will naturally comes out after a day.

These portion is too greasy. I think , Yang Chow fried rice is also good for these portions.

A portion for the creamy soup will also be good to complete the whole meal.Four courses for today’s meal would also be great! I just want it to be easier and simple using whatever is available inside the refrigerator without having to buy anything.

Let’s see the result. This is the new look of today’s leftover transformation.

For a starter, it’s a Creamy cabbage soup with chicken. I feel confident to make any soup without any recipe.This is just a simple and an easy soup.

My 2nd course is Chinese fried rice, call it Yang Chow. It looks good and appetizing after the transformation. It’s a new look! What do you think?

My 3rd course is Pancit canton..

Lastly, Stir -fry vegetables,  a vegetable on the table is always present. I’m a vegetarian, and, I cook vegetables everyday of my life.It took only more than  hour for me to cook all 4 recipes using leftovers. All recipes looks yummy. At home, I only served 2-3 kinds of recipes, and my table is informal. I placed the food on the table and sometimes, it’s self-service. I don’t make it too complicated, too many table appointments is a lot of work to accomplished. This is good and enough for today with the presence of a well-balanced meals.

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