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How to Make a Pumpkin Bowl

It’s summertime.A long long vacation gives me the opportunity to create beautiful fruit and vegetable salad bowl and cups.I’ll make  a good thing better on how to serve sweet dessert and vegetable salad using different kinds of salad shells. Last week, I’ve created a cabbage bowl. It’s a slightly additional work to be done but, it is great. Beautiful salad cups and bowl for an elegant buffet and eye catching  centerpiece on the table. Got a lot of vegetables stored inside  the refrigerator for a week already. I came up with an idea to make my own style of  pumpkin bowl.I will transform it into a new look! Let’s get started!

I need a  round pumpkin.

Cut thick crossways slice from one side of the melon with a large sharp knife. I only need 3 things; a sharp knife, a scooper,  and my 2 hands.

It looks like this after cutting.

Scoop out the seeds with a scooper, if you don’t have any, You can use a spoon.

Discard the seeds.

Using a strong sharp knife. Cut the flesh inside, and loosen it.

Scoop the remaining flesh.

Done. but, if you want to make a decorative edge,

Using a small sharp knife, cut a zigzag edge around the top of the melon shell.

The side view! I’ve used the same process making my melon bowl.

Slice a thin piece of rind from the base so that it will stand steadily.

This is the finished product. It took around  20 minutes to finish this. You can also  make your own creative design in edging using your  imagination to make it appear very attractive on the rable .
See how it looks! Refrigerate the bowl until required.

It also looks like this without the decorative edge. This is just a simple one although, i know, it’s not really that good. You can make it better! Try it now!

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