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How to Make a Cabbage Bowl

Cabbage Bowl

I’m going to make a cabbage bowl out of  these cabbage. A cabbage bowl is a unique salad bowl made with the outer layer of the cabbage itself. These cabbage bowl is perfect for coleslaw salad. Vegetarians always love this kind of salad.You can use any kind of cabbage, curly savoy or even the Chinese cabbage is also good.

Fresh green cabbage.

Cut the center of the savoy cabbage with a sharp knife.

Leave the outer leaves as a bowl.

Cut the flesh inside, loosen,and scoop it.

After removing all the flesh, wash it thoroughly in cold water. Shred it and use to make Coleslaw.

Done. It looks likes this. This is a beautiful serving bowl for Coleslaw.

Coleslaw in a cabbage bowl.  The cabbage bowl is  unique and attractive on the table.


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