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Favorite Fruits on the Table


I gathered all kinds of  ripe, freshy-picked fruits and place them on the table. How wonderful to see all my fresh favorites for the day. It serves as a healthy snack for the family and a delicious dessert for any meal especially the sweet varieties are good if eaten raw.

Some of these fruits, I bought it in the grocery store. I picked it in the fruit stand,sold by weight.I’m wondering, Who picked it in the first place? It might be the farmers,or farm workers moving from place to place to pick fresh fruits as it ripens. Nevermind, It’s the result of good labor. All fruits are very fresh and smells good.  Don’t forget to wash them. If you have some,If you wish to peel it and remove the core, would be fine. Note: Always keep fruits in a room temperature. If you wish to store it in the refrigerator, wrapped it first.

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