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How to Prepare a Ripe Mango


Mangoes comes in different sizes and shapes. This is what we call the native mangoes. Ripe native mangoes have tough skins either yellow in color or orange yellow. It is available all year round in the Philippines. Mangoes are abundant in the month of March to June. To some places, availability is from midwinter to early autumn. This kind of fruit is everybody’s favorite because of its fragrance smell and sweet taste. (Click on images to view larger)

How to store: Allow mangoes to ripen at temperate room, and refrigerate it within 2 to 3 days.  Avoid buying mangoes that is soft and shrivelled.

How to prepare ripe mangoes: Cut a lengthways slice from each side of the fruit using a sharp knife, slicing as close as possible to the stone. Reserve the mango stone and flesh which is left attached to it.

Alternatively, score the flesh on each slice lengthways and then crossways, without cutting through skin.

This is the advantage of using a sharp knife to slice it, looks perfectly clean and fresh looking.

This is a common kind of preparation. It brings out the refreshing taste.

Gently push out the flesh with your fingers.

The other way, Scoop out the mango flesh with a spoon to make a long curved slices.


Using s sharp knife,peel the skin from the reserved middle section of the mango and carefully cut the flesh away from the stone. You can divide it into neat slices or chunks. It’s up to you.


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