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Month: March 2012

How to Make a Cabbage Bowl

Cabbage Bowl I’m going to make a cabbage bowl out of ┬áthese cabbage. A cabbage bowl is a unique salad bowl made with the outer layer of the cabbage itself. These cabbage bowl is perfect for coleslaw salad. Vegetarians always love this kind of salad.You […]

Favorite Fruits on the Table

  I gathered all kinds of ┬áripe, freshy-picked fruits and place them on the table. How wonderful to see all my fresh favorites for the day. It serves as a healthy snack for the family and a delicious dessert for any meal especially the sweet […]

How to Open Hard- Shelled Oyster

  This is the oyster reefs in Pangasinan Hundred Islands. Oysters are abundant in this area. Like mussels, oysters are in season in the coldest months of the year. I was told,before the distribution, Oysters was kept for 3 days in purification tanks, with water […]

Fish and Veggies on a Platter

This is my Lenten recipe,it is very simple and easy to prepare. My yearly practice showing awareness during the season of Lent.A plateful of veggies; boiled okra, green mango strips, ensaladang talong or eggplant, sliced tomatoes, red and green chili, salted eggs, onions, steamed rice, […]

How to Prepare a Ripe Mango

  Mangoes comes in different sizes and shapes. This is what we call the native mangoes. Ripe native mangoes have tough skins either yellow in color or orange yellow. It is available all year round in the Philippines. Mangoes are abundant in the month of […]


I bought some broccoli this morning and unsure on how I want to use it. It gives me the alternative to simply capture it right away while it is still fresh. These sprouting broccoli looks freshy green and the stalks still strong and heads closely […]