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How to Make a Melon Bowl

It can be served this way for a delicious snack or a fresh fruit dessert for any meal. It looks attractive and presentable on the table.

Let’s get started!

A fresh melon.

Cut melon in halfways.

Scoop out the seed with a spoon.If you are using a double edge baller ,you can use the other side to scoop it.

This is my double-edge melon baller, it serves as a double purpose, I used the other edge to make balls and the other to scoop the seeds.I have a set of garnishing tools includes; zester, channel knife, double-edge melon baller, butter curler,etc. It is very useful to create a beautiful and clean garnishes.  I bought it for only P8oo.00 pesos in the supermarket.

Using a small sharp knife, cut a zigzag edge around the edge of the melon bowl. It’s up to you if you want it. I prefer to make the zigzag pattern although it’s a delicate work to do it. It must be measured accurately so you can achieve the right balance for the melon to stand firmly.  Don’t forget to slice a thin piece of rind from the base so that it will stand steadily.

The macro shot.

This is the melon bowl. There are 2 ways to do it, you may scoop the flesh of both halves or the other half  will remain this way. It’s up yo you.

Scoop out the other half of the melon flesh with a baller, or if you don’t have a baller, use a large spoon and cut into bite-sized pieces.

Spoon all bite-sized pieces into the melon bowl.

This is the complete presentation of the melon bowl. Let’s check the other half.

This is the other remaining  half.

Scrape the melon bowl clean. Scrape all the remaining flesh. You can use a spoon or a scraper.

This is the finished product. It looks like these, very clean and firm. I will stock this shell inside the refrigerator until required.I can use it for other fruits in the coming days. This is only good for 3 days inside the refrigerator. Be sure to wrap the melon shell before storage.

I’m a very resourceful person. I don’t want to waste anything especially when it comes to food. I saved the remaining flesh for my Melon juice later. It’s a very refreshing drink during summer.

This is the complete Melon Bowl. See how beautiful! Chill thoroughly and serve on a bed of ice or just refrigerate for 2o minutes. You can add ginger juice or fruit juice.

Filling the melon bowl with other fruits:

Other ways, You can also use any seasonal fruits such as; percimmon, strawberries,avocado,ripe mangoes, watermelon, pineapples, kiwi, grapes, papaya, avocado, pears, apples, dragon fruit and oranges. Pick the best and ripe fruits. Cut all fruits into bite-sized pieces.

For the kiwi and oranges, alternatively, cut the fruit crossways into thin slices.

Choose ripe fruits with different color so the color combination would be perfect. Pick up the right one, preferably ripe and unblemished skin. I’m a big fan of persimmon, (right side) it looks like an orange tomatoes. These persimmons came all the way down from Taiwan. It is nutritious.

The melon bowl with assorted fresh fruits.  It is so refreshing. The presentation is more attractive using different kinds of  seasonal fruits. The color combination and taste is good.


Try the pineapple boat, it’s my favorite although, it takes a lot of patience to finish it. The pineapple shell is too tough and rough which makes it harder for me to hold it.

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