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Chinese New Year Excitement,Chinese Customs and Traditions

Chinese New Year has been the most important celebration on Chinese history.For this year 2012, Ours was a very memorable one. It was a big event inspired with old customs and family traditions that have been retained up to the present. We celebrated Chinese New year at my aunt Conchita’s house. We brought gifts and other goodies there. When we arrived, Everybody’s greetings,’’Kung Hei Fat Choi! it means,‘’Happy new Year! It’s a Cantonese phrase simply means‘’Wish you goodluck’’ but, the direct meaning is Happy New Year. The whole day was fun. It was celebrated the traditional way; festive foods served, the presence of sweet lotus seeds, sweet rice crispies, sticky cakes, and oranges, hanging oranges and red paper on door knobs, presence of fresh pineapples, giving red packets, red coins, wearing red clothes, presence of octagon shaped tray, well-cleaned house, firecrackers, incense  burned, ritual prayer, offering foods for the ancestors and for the Kitchen Gods and many more.You name it, We got it !

Note: This blog is newly updated today.Check for the next blog and the latest of Chinese New Year event for this year 2013 in day’s time. Sorry for the delay in posting.Thanks auntie!

Dedication: I would like to thank all my viewers/readers of this blog. Thank you very much to all people all over the world. This is what I can offer to you,to share my experience and sharing things what I’ve learned from the past and till the present.For more interesting and imformative topics, read other post from here. Thank you very much!

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My aunt Conchita is a star ! She looks so beautiful and still active.Considering her age, I guess, age does not define beauty.What is important is getting young at heart and growing older very gracefully.

IMG_2473 copy

This is the most exciting Chinese tradition and the kid’s favorite part of the day. Aunt Conchita giving of red packets or ”ampaw or ampao”. She is well-prepared for these. Names was even written on the red envelopes. How thoughtful she is ! The recipient was very happy receiving it.We all gave her million kisses because of these. Mwahhhh ! The red envelope was decorated fabulously with Chinese art designs and inside, a lucky money.It was meaningful, practicing all favorable directions with the belief to bring more luck and harmony into our life. I took several shots of the holiday event.

IMG_2483 copy

Aunt Conchita is praying while holding the joss. Joss is a paper money to be offered to the Gods. Paper money is to be burned afterwards.

IMG_2480 copy

The picture of the whole family.The family that prays together,stays forever.

IMG_2461 copy

It’s time to offer foods for our loved ones. It’s a food offering for the deceased. Food offered,and displayed in front of the altar.At this hour,everyone in the house must behave,keep silent and pray with reverence. It’s a customary practiced during prayers and rituals. It’s a part of Chinese customs and traditions to pray and offer foods for the deceased.

IMG_2465 copy

Foods considered to be blessed and addressed to the dead family members.The food offering to deceased family members and relatives is one of the Chinese customs.

IMG_2488 copy

Other offerings, You can see the gold coin chocolates. Gold coins symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Other sweets are red in color.

IMG_2486 copy

The octagon- shaped tray symbolizes family togetherness and sweet goodies symbolizes a sweet start and a warm welcome for the year.

IMG_2517 copy

These red decorations on the tray will be hang on the door knobs considered as a goodluck for the whole year round. The fresh pineapples symbolizes abundance, goodluck, and prosperity.

IMG_2504 copy

Aunt Conchita burned the incense, it is a sacrificial offering for the dead and to the Gods of the Kitchen, heaven and earth.

IMG_2503 copy

It is a standard practice every year.

IMG_2501 copy

This offering is intended  to the God of the kitchen so that it will gives good behavior for the family.


The Chinese New Year celebration is not complete without the presence of ”Tikoy” on the table. It was yummy! Do you know how to cook Tikoy? It’s simple, Just cut it into thin slices, dipped into egg yolk and fry it afterwards.

IMG_2175 copy

This is a sticky rice cake called ‘’tikoy.’’It symbolizes closer family ties, a family bonding. I believed to this belief.

IMG_2513 copy

The view from the penthouse. It was a spectacular scene to view the aerial background from the building top. Aunt Conchita lived in a top story building. She occupied the whole penthouse.Perhaps, Next year would be a memorable reunion again for all of us! Chinese customs and traditions has been a practice for a long period of time. Good life never lasts and We will always welcome CNY with hope and positivity. I hope this year 2012 would be a stable one. Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!


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