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Boiled Mini Lobster

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It’s Christmas . Today is entirely dedicated to celebrate food. There was so much work to be done in the kitchen  at this time. Having friends over for a lunch is exciting but I woke up late and decided to cook  a quick meal. I want  to make my preparation and cooking time to a minimum and my  wishful thinking?  visitors will arrive late to give me ample time to prepare and cook soup from the left-over turkey  last night. Other recipes to serve, I have already made it in advance, ready to fire on the last minute. A boiled lobster is the  best and last one, easy to prepare, to cook and to organize on the table. Boiling is just a simple cooking for a lobster that  it brings out the natural fresh tastes. Definitely, simplicity is the main ingredient for today. Let’s get started!

This is the fresh lobster I’ve bought  in Mega Mall Supermarket yesterday for about P490.00 a kilo. It makes 7 pieces medium sized.  It was still very fresh and still moving at that time I bought it.

One thing good about this seafood is, they are not fattening. If you are a diet-concious then, this one is right for you. There are different types of lobsters, this one is the spiny one. Spiny lobsters have no claws unlike the Clawed  lobster  has a big claws. Lobsters are available most time of the year but it is best during summer. If you want a fresh lobster, you should choose the clean and active ones.


Fill a large pot of cold water, Add 2 tablespoons of salt. Be sure the water is enought to cover the lobsters.

Hold the body of the lobster and  lower it,head down first. You can also use tong to pick it up but, I have used my own hands instead. I feel comfortable with it. Bring slowly to boil.  Don’t forget to note the time water comes to boil so not to over-cooked it.

It looks like this after seconds.

Cover the pan and boil fairly.  This is just a medium sized lobsters so, it takes  around 10-15 minutes cooking time.

Cooking is done as you can see here the bright red color of the lobster.

Remove the lobsters and drain on paper towel.  Arrange it on another set of big plate.  The looks alone makes a festive meal and the fresh tender meat is so yummy!

This is the way to arrange it. I served it with sweet garlic vinegar. It is also excellent eaten cold with mayonnaise.  Looks naturally-fresh and fabulous as a centerpiece on the table. In the Philippines, foods are the most important part of the celebration. It’s an essential element of Christmas and literally, among home. We have our own way of celebrating foods with family members, relatives and friends. Festive buffet is the center of attraction  on the table that makes our party more enjoyable and entertaining.

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