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Food Photography

I want to emphasize a very simple setting to show some of my pictures taken during our ‘’Food Photography Hour.’’ This is my first test shoot with some food bloggers. The shooting location outdoor sometimes makes a very difficult situation to shoot food because of the direct light and it’s hard to control it. Lightning is very important because it will reveal the texture of the food.  However, indoor shooting is much easier for me because all the things needed is quite beside me, ready to use.  I  have encountered difficulty to catch the angles just to make food looks more natural, appealing and appetizing  as possible especially attempting close-ups. My aim is to make food looks fresh even on pictures.

To be a food blogger is combining 3 passions together  all at the same time; cooking, writing and photographing  and it makes me a good food blogger. I have learned a lot of things doing it with a group of bloggers as  we all shared  same interest, ideas, opinions and learning from our own mistakes.

At home, I take pictures of our daily meals especially all the foods that I have prepared and cooked for the day. It’s fun and I’m happy to see all my efforts have paid off.  Let’s take a look at some photos of food.

Hot Tea

Salmon Nigiri Sushi

Korean Bulgogi

Angus Beef

Seafood Carbonara


Next week, It would be seasoned fruits and vegetables, as they make the best fresh looking subjects..to be continued for the Part 2 of  these ‘FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG.”

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