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This is meant to be aphrodisiac, a male dominated indulgence, affordable delicacy and common pulutan in the evening for drinkers here in the Philippines. Balut is so popular and the usual snack of Filipinos, it was once eaten by contestants in Fear Factor before. For first timers, It looks so yucky,  horrible, and weird thing.  I don’t think it’s weird. See how it looks!

To those non- Pinoys out there, balut is a a fertilized duck egg, a partially formed baby duck swimming in a fluid, the embryo in the eggs is in half stage of development, seventeen  days of gestation. It is sold with salt and vinegar.

Balut vendors start plying their baskets of warm eggs after dark; presumably you can’t see how the fetus looks like. You can just imagine the feathers, beak and claws looks like, you can’t take this thing,  if you can, You are the macho type, be the man! If you see a foreigner eating balut, you ask the immigration to issue him a Filipino passport immediately. A dare- shock –snack. I just drink the soup of balut because I hate the pungent smell of feathering fetus, beak and claws. Wait! I need to throw up now.

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