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How to Cut a Pineapple

Season: The best quality of pineapples  are available all year round. To buy: Choose a ripe pineapple which is heavy for it’s size with a sweet fragrance.The sweet one gives more sweet flavour. Avoid over-ripe or have a leaked juice. How to serve: You can cut […]


Strawberry-Chocolate Chip Layers Fun and exciting sweetness of chilled dessert. It is easy to make a flavored rich homemade layered delights because it’s a no bake variety. This chilled dessert is always a cool treat especially if it is prepared by you, you can taste […]


Today’s subject for outdoor photography: Fresh Strawberries and Grapes Setting: Garden  Craving for summer fruits? well, I’m feasting with fresh strawberries and grapes today. I’m trying to hold it so I can take few shots for you. Anyway, it’s my daily practice to photograph any kind […]


Dragon Fruit Bowl  There are many ways in serving fruits. One attractive way of serving is using the  fruit shell itself, it is good not only for fruits but for vegetable salad too. The dragon fruit bowl makes an attractive serving for fresh fruit salad. […]


The good variety of strawberries grown in La Trinidad, Benguet. It was all planted in rows and a feet apart with each other.La Trinidad has the good type of soil and a climate which is considerate to these kinds of fruits. Strawberries are people’s favorite,Indeed, […]


Once again, it’s a Valentine masterpiece. I will show you example on how to please your loved one this coming Valentine’s day. This is just a simple art using fresh strawberries as the center of attraction on the table. It’s good to serve strawberries on […]


  Funny white radish  (Click on image to view larger) Young and tender white radish intended for use in salads. It appeared to be very funny like a long legged dancer trying to stretch for leg splits. It looks like a ballet dancer!  How about […]


                                          Navel Cadet This is a refreshing chiller that your kids and teens will like after a day long hike. It’s a simple, healthy and […]