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How to Cut a Pineapple

Season: The best quality of pineapples  are available all year round. To buy: Choose a ripe pineapple which is heavy for it’s size with a sweet fragrance.The sweet one gives more sweet flavour. Avoid over-ripe or have a leaked juice. How to serve: You can cut […]


A lot of bright ideas and versions you can do with fruits.I guess, you’ll not enjoy the hard or unripe, it must be firm and perfectly ripe to achieve the best possible sweetness. The good thing, it is important to know how to pick the […]


Once again, it’s a Valentine masterpiece. I will show you example on how to please your loved one this coming Valentine’s day. This is just a simple art using fresh strawberries as the center of attraction on the table. It’s good to serve strawberries on […]


Fresh fruit salad as the calorie watcher’s favorite.It is a home-made style for busy days. Mixing and matching flavors of fruits, sometimes, you’ll discover which one is ideal for, which one is not. I have tried  mixing and matching all flavors of fruits in different ways […]


Sliced fresh fruits in a cocktail glass The most relaxed way to entertain your close friends and visitors is to serve whatever you have. On the spot,you don’t need to rush on what you serve. Just check what’s inside the refrigerator and look for something […]

Fresh Fruit Salad in a Pineapple Boat

  These Pineapple boat makes an attractive serving dishes for salads. Try a combination of honeydew, ripe mangoes, kiwis, cherries, papaya, grapes,strawberries.and watermelon balls for a beautiful combination and assortment of close-but- different flavors. + Almost any fruit mixture  looks good and tastes good anyway. […]

Fruits and Vegetable Salad Shells

Salad shells for fruits and vegetable servings.Instead of using a glass platter or bowl, you can also make use of vegetable and fruit shells as serving dishes for salad; Melon bowl, Dragon fruit boat, Avocado boat, Orange bowl, Bell pepper boat and pumpkin bowl. Other […]