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Top 15 Best Restaurants in Kapitolyo, Pasig city 2017

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Kapitolyo, Pasig city 2017

A pleasant stroll around just a few blocks from home leads to numerous restaurants such as: Ramen Cool, Lee Hak Korean Restaurant, Cafe Juanita, Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew, Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ, Diner on 16th, Silantro, Lee Hak Korean, Rub Ribs, Three Sisters, Persian Grill, […]

Dragon Fruit+Serving Bowl

Showing works of art ”Dragon Fruit Bowl” a fruit shell as my serving bowl I do not demand too much glassware, cocktail glasses, plates and bowls as my serving plate. Much better to use my own serving cup from fruits and vegetables itself, this is my […]

Guess who’s cooking? It’s Sau Del Rosario

Celebrity  chef, Master Chef Sau Del Rosario explains as he demonstrates how to cook one of his best Kapampangan recipe  for the day without missing important details to bring out the savory flavour. Asia Food Expo, the country’s largest showcase in food. September 14-17, 2016 World Trade […]

Food Demonstration by Chef Sau Del Rosario

Renowned chef, cheerful Sau Del Rosario explains as he demonstrates how to cook one of his best Kapampangan recipe ”Spicy Sotanghon Taba ng Talangka Sauce” (Crab fat) a quick recipe for busy days. Asia Food Expo 2016 World Trade Center Metro Manila


The Sushi boat is a wonderful serving plate for sushi and Sashimi. Japanese in origin, one big pleasure boat is ideal for big gathering. Big Japanese restaurant specializes serving sushi and sashimi on a boat with accompanying sauce of Kikkoman, Wasabi and native lemon(calamansi). These 3 […]


Strawberry Boat The simplest way of adding extra sweet flavor to strawberries. I think, the Vermicelli sprinkles is just right because of its tiny sized that fits well inside the boat however, you can also use other candy sprinkles or any fruit salad mixture and […]


* The excess fat from the Roast Whole Chicken. Add 3 tablespoons of hot water to the chicken juices.(fat dripping) and stir well. Combine 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, flour or glutinous rice flour to form a paste. Any of the three. Gradually stir-in 11/2 cups […]


 Busy days ahead? here’s a recipe fitted for your time. Try it! Butterfly Crispy Chicken Lately, I’ve tried to cut chicken into halves. That makes a butterfly version spreading out much bigger. All you have to do is to cut into halves using a shear […]


Roast Whole Chicken You can cook almost everything using Multi-Functional Turbo Broiler. The good thing about Convection Oven cooking, the distribution of heat is even, the original flavour and aroma is retained, less cleaning and reduces fat as you can see the drippings that you […]


Whole Roast Chicken Using my new Multi-Functional Turbo Broiler, here’s the finished product of my Whole Roast Chicken, it’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. More Chicken recipes for this week, I’m trying out some recipe suggestions using Turbo Broiler. So far, I […]